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With the desire to help some of my osteopathy clients on an emotional level with therapeutic accuracy, I chose to pursue a vocational training at CRAM (Centre de Relation d'Aide de Montréal).

With 20 years' experience as a physical therapist, I have found that the body can often suffer from withheld emotions. Emotions that are repressed, or put aside, have the potential to harm many body functions. Allowing yourself to feel emotions in your body and to express them in a relationship of trust can help you to regain lost physical balance.

Thanks to the skills acquired during my ANDC™  training (Non-Directive Creative Approach), I can offer attentive listening to my clients who require it. The therapeutic tools developed with this method allow me to receive the emotional problems of my clients with an empathic attitude and respond to them in a sensitive and authentic way.

This unique style of support combines empathic listening and conscious osteopathic touch, and can help some of my clients discover new paths to develop a resilient mindset and attitude in the face of their personal experiences. In this way, these osteopathic sessions becomes holistic; addressing the body, the heart and the being. This combination has the potential to deeply release tension and physical discomfort that can be related to emotional experience.


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Osteopath DO, CEO graduate and Ostéopathie Québec member.

Graduate from CRAM in ANDC™ Counselling

Connecting to your inner self can bring you physical and mental well-being.