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Osteopathy Boucherville – Montreal

Marie-Laure Velin

Osteopath DO 



Marie-Laure is a graduate of the Institut Supérieur d'Osteopathie de Lyon in France. She is passionate about human beings and how the body works, which is what led her to osteopathy. She uses manual therapy to do good for others and to share her knowledge about the body.

Marie-Laure specializes in the osteopathic practice of pediatrics and perinatal care. She also took many other highly operational courses and did long-term internships, notably in hospital, sports and geriatric settings.

Mindful about the quality of the treatments she provides and the care she gives to her clients, she regularly updates her knowledge with complementary training.

Marie-Laure Velin is a DO member of the AQO. All insurance companies reimburse the receipts she issues.