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Osteopathy Boucherville – Montreal

The 2020 Team !

In August 2019, Corps en Main was pleased to welcome new members to its team! Catherine joined the Boucherville branch. Marin, trained in France, joined the Montreal clinic, as did Laurence, who was trained in Montreal, .

In January 2020, Antony also joined the team at Corps en Main. A warm welcome to all of these excellent osteopaths!


We invite you to consult the profile for each osteopath by clicking on their first name before making an appointment with them.


Thank you for your trust!

Brigitte Dubuc, Osteopath DO and owner

Our Team

Striving to provide quality service to all who come to Corps en Main, Brigitte Dubuc has selected therapists with excellent human qualities and professional training to join her team. These therapists support her in her mission to offer osteopathic services that are in constant evolution and adapted to the needs of each individual.

We invite you to consult the team at Corps en Main if you are  either experiencing pain or looking to prevent discomfort and maintain optimal health. 

Preventive osteopathy is beneficial to everyone. By intervening now on the physical compensation accumulated by  your body's trauma and inflammation, you will gain flexibility and well-being. Therefore, you can certainly avoid possible future health issues. Try osteopathy for yourself and entrust your loved ones to us. We serve seniors as well as adults, adolescents, children and babies. Welcome everyone!

Our Mission

With the help of her team, Brigitte Dubuc wishes to make the greatest number of people aware of the particular indications of osteopathy. Indeed, through her years of experience providing care to a diverse clientele, she notes that misinformation of the public leads to the perpetuation of unnecessary physical and psychological suffering.


In the next few years, Brigitte hopes to create, along with her team, an action force to meet family doctors, surgeons and obstetricians. She wants to discuss with them the excellent results she has seen in a large part of the people who have consulted her.


It is of utmost importance to her to help the population and the medical profession understand that the loosening of the tissues following visceral (abdominopelvic, thoracic, cranial) or joint (hip, knee, shoulder, etc.) surgery, as well as following cesarean section or episiotomy and tearing of the pelvic floor following delivery, is essential to avoid short, medium and long term physical discomfort.


Brigitte recommends a few osteopathy sessions as soon as possible after a visceral or articular operation, childbirth or caesarean section. It is certain that if the medical profession becomes aware of the physical stakes following these surgical procedures, it will understand the necessity to recommend osteopathy to as many as possible. If that were the case, Brigitte Dubuc is convinced that people undergoing these surgical procedures would be better off physically in the long run, and public costs for medical examinations seeking the cause of unexplained pain would be greatly reduced. It is therefore in everyone's favor to address this issue that affects many people in Quebec.